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In the Light Ministries

A Drama and Production Team


In the Light Ministries has an array of skits and plays that can be performed for all types of audiences. Listed below, are just a few of our performances:

“This is Your Reality”- 15 minute performance This comedic drama is about the ultimate reality show, where the winners enter Heaven and the losers go to hell. Each guest (contestant) on the show is a person who has just died. After their death, they are brought on stage and become part of the show, "This is Your Reality" with the host, Ed Turnity and a live studio audience. At the end of the show, the Book of Life is opened, and the contestant learns of their eternal destination.

”That Sin” - 15 minute performance In this serious and dramatic scene a person’s struggle and escape from a sinful habit is illustrated. The message of the scene is that a private struggle of personal will does not set us free, and that we need to surrender to God’s power and obey His command of confession.

“America’s Idol”20 minute performance This is a parody of the popular television show, American Idol. In this hilarious skit, contestants that represent various “idols” such as My Space, the cell phone and the ipod, are vying to be selected as America’s favorite “Idol”. Each contestant is judged based on how popular and appealing each “idol” is in today’s pop culture-driven world.

“Super Heroes”20 minute performance This funny yet powerful drama is about how America’s favorite Super Heroes of the past and present such as Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, Super Girl, Bat Man and Robin attempt to overcome three, devious and destructive villains, “Liar Liar,” “Tempter” and “The Gossiper” through each of their own strengths. Eventually, each of the Super Heroes realizes that the only real weapon to fight against evil is the Word of Jesus Christ.

“Key to the Kingdom” - 60-75 minute performance This powerful and dramatic play includes a series of scenes in which various characters are unexpectedly killed, and find out whether their names are found in the Lamb’s Book of Life. If they have refused to accept Jesus Christ into their heart, they are sent into Hell and taken away by Satan and his demons, but if they have received Jesus, they are welcomed into Heaven by a choir of Angels and Jesus Christ. This production includes dramatic sound and light effects, as well as multi-video clips.